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Data Privacy Statement

ESO is an intergovernmental organization, entrusted with privileges and immunities necessary to fulfil its mission. Within the implementation of its mission, ESO recruits for many different job categories. ESO is committed to respecting the privacy of its job applicants. The personal data collected within the recruitment process will be used solely for the purpose of recruiting. ESO does not sell, rent or lease the collected personal data to third parties. Please note that applicants are not obliged to provide their personal data to ESO. However, without the personal data, ESO will not be able to consider the application. To respond to a recruitment opportunity, applicants are requested to create an account on the recruitment portal. The personal data may be disclosed to inriva GmbH (a company based in Germany, which provides ESO with a cloud-based recruitment software), who will process them for ESO under ESO’s control. Within the recruitment process only selected ESO members of personnel, and in a very limited number of cases externals, who are part of the recruitment process, will have access to the personal data. While at ESO, the data is stored on ESO servers managed and operated by ESO and located at ESO’s premises. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that their personal data they provide is truthful, correct, non-ambiguous and up-to-date at the time of submission. Applicants have a right to access their data, and to update or correct it at any time before the closing date of the respective vacancy. Data demonstrating compliance with the eligibility and selection criteria may not be updated or corrected after the closing date of the respective vacancy. The applicants may withdraw their consent on the processing of their data at any time by either withdrawing the application or deleting their account on the recruitment portal. After the completion of the recruitment process, the accounts of the unsuccessful applicants will be deleted, but the data will be kept for an additional 2 years for audit purposes in a pseudonymized way. The data of the successful applicant will be further processed and transferred into an employee profile. To ensure security, the personal data will be transmitted and kept in encrypted form and will be treated by ESO as strictly confidential. The recruitment process is controlled by the ESO Human Resources Department. Applicants, in case they are not able to exercise their rights directly in their applicant account, may address their data protection request to the following email address:

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